Web & Email Hosting Services

Web & Email Hosting Services

Basic web hosting package monthly cost:

  • $15.99 for 1G of storage*,
  • SSL enabled (allows secure connections via https://letsencrypt.org)
  • Daily backups of websites (last 14 days and 4 weekly backups of data in retention)
  • Up to 5 email accounts, sharing 750Mb of email storage space
  • $2.50 for WordPress/Joomla monitoring and software updates which we call Content Management System Management Service – (CMSMS). When WordPress and 3rd party software updates are detected, the Website software update(s) will be installed, then a cursory website test will be done followed by an email notification, letting you know what software updates have been installed.

Content Management System Management Service – (CMSMS) Service Benefits:
Services that are included in the CMS core file management:

  • Weekday audits and if needed updates of all website core files and 3rd party plugins.
  • When updates are available, they are installed and updates are tested to be sure the main page of the website loads. You will then be notified when updates are installed so that you can double-check the functionality of the website. If an update(s) breaks the website or some functionally you will be contacted to determine the next steps. On a case, by case basis, DCW would bid for the labor cost to fix the website in conjunction with the 3rd party plugin developer.
  • Websites that are found to be in need of major code revisions or 3rd party module replacements (on a case by case basis) DCW in conjunction with the owner/developer/webmaster may bid for the labor cost to rebuild the website.
  • WordPress/Joomla and 3rd party plug-in software updates are typical without cost.
  • Daily/weekly backups of the Content Management System (CMS) software which can be used to restore website (should they become compromised).

Enterprise email hosting monthly cost:

  • Automatically connect & share your Outlook, Smartphone, and Webmail to calendars, email, contacts, tasks, and much more…
  • For $7.99/mo you get the following and more.
  • Cross-Platform Collaboration – Manage email, share contact, and schedule meetings in Outlook, Entourage, iCal, webmail, and smartphones.
  • Wireless Mobile Synchronization – Synchronize with any smartphone over the air. Delete sensitive data on lost or stolen devices.
  • Robust Email Security – Stop unwanted emails with over 14 anti-spam techniques and anti-virus protection.
  • Central Storage – Your data is stored in the cloud so even if your computer or device is broken or lost your data is still there.
  • 5GB of disk space. Additional disk space/email storage $2.00 per GB

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